MATT Oakey

The Beginnings

In the world of house music there are simply tens of thousands of DJ's.Matt Oakey we believe is a little different. Born in Harpenden, Hertfordshire UK in 1980 Matt Oakey was brought up as a musician, playing the Piano, Trumpet and Guitar. At 16 he found a love for dance music and at 19 decided he to wanted to step behind the decks to bring together his own blend of sounds.

Vinyl Master

Matt learnt the art of mixing on vinyl and stayed loyal to this format until 2006. Now proficient at both Vinyl and CDJ's Matt demonstrates and incredibly mastery of mixing. Matt has developed an unique style retaining his passion for melody and harmony from his musical background but has gel'd this with an unmistakable flair for energetic, encapsulating beats that capture your imagination and soul. Matt plays primarily House music and keeps a very open mind with regards to different genre's.

Live Sets

Matt recieved a huge amount of support from promoters and house music lovers across the UK and beyond and has played sets at some of the biggest venues and events across the country and in to Europe.
Brands Matt has played for include Ministry of Sound, Pukka Up, HiDE, Miss Moneypennys, Boutique, Panache and Plush Puppies.

In the studio

As a producer Matt has become renouned for creating unique, melodic and energetic sounds and has had a string of releases since his 1st remix was signed in May 2009. 2016 see's Matt return to the studio with several releases planned throughout the year.


On the Radio

Matt's radio show the Extended Weekend ran for 3 years and was aired across a number of stations including Global Radio 1, Fuzion Radio, TMRadio, Lifted Radio, Create Radio and 1Mix Radio. It was also release as a weekly FREE podcast which is still available through i-Tunes and many other Podcast download sites. There are plans to relaunch the Radio Show later in 2016.