MATT Oakey

Matt Oakey - The Producer

Matt's early ventures in to house music prodution where as far back as 1999 using the Play Station program Music 2000. His desire to create his own sound bubbled away for several years until 2009 when he took the plunge fully using Ableton software and in his first year was fortunate enough to be approached by Daz Baily at Digi Traxx and asked to remix the iconic trance sound of Des Mitchells Welcome to the Dance. His remix took the track in a more chilled vibe and demonstrated Matt's ability to completely rework tunes in his own remix style.

In his first true year as a producer Matt was also asked by Pete Houle to remix his latest track Omega and later in 2009 released his first original material "Little Noise" with remixes from Nev Scott and Saint George.

Much of Matt's production work was focused a very personal journey developing his own sound and techinical ability in the studio. He was lucky enough to have another 2 remixes released in 2010 and 2012.
Now returning to the studio in 2016 Matt has decided to push forwards with his music production with a view to getting more of his work label released.


Pete Houle - Omega (Matt Oakey Remix) - May 2009
The Mitchell Project - Welcome to the Dance (Matt Oakey Remix) - May 2009
Matt Oakey - Little Noise - October 2009
Alex Torn - Nightbird (Matt Oakey Remix) - January 2010
Ted O'Shay - Frenzy (Matt Oakey Remix) - January 2012